{organizing ideas and decorating advice from my home to yours}

Consultation Information

My name is Katie Stutler, an individual with a passion for helping others in decorating and organizing. I consider my knowledge to be a self taught trait and one that I am working on everyday. I have always enjoyed helping others and watching things grow. I am very proud and honored to have a masters in special education and have taught for six years. With the birth of my second child I have decided to stay home and do what I love, in many ways, and this being one of them…

I love helping all of my friends with their decorating and organization delimmas and most I can rush over to their homes but if I can’t, I have come up with some ways to help you virtually.

Below are descriptions of the two different virtual consultations I can offer to you. I am very excited about the opportunity to assist you “virtually”,and will do my best to provide you with the most helpful advice for your design/organization dilemma.

There are 3 things I LOVE: meetings, soda’s with crushed ice and a straw, and sharing organizing and decorating tips. If I can help improve your life and your spaces at the same time – my job is complete!

If you’d like my assistance with an organizational or design-related issue, simply choose one of the options below. When I receive a notification from Paypal, I will send you confirmation within 24 hours. I can then let you know what additional information I’ll need from you at that point.

1. Written Consultation - $15.00

Send me a couple of photographs of your organization or design dilemma. This would be for one room if you are having trouble or just need some fresh ideas and a new look. I will also need to know your budget, even if it is not a single dollar that you would like to spend! I will type out a detailed description of what I would recommend to you. In my evaluation of your area, I will recommend things like possible color choices, idea on prices, resources, and other suggestions.

An example would be, “My guest bathroom is in need of help. I also use this bathroom as a kids bathroom. I would like to definetly change the taupe sink and fixture but I would like to keep my spending under $25 otherwise.” (Now this is actually my own before and after but it really was in need of help.) This is some of what I would have stated in my consultation…

bathroom before

“I would search for a counter and sink in one at a local Home Depot or Lowes. They have lots of options and a range of prices for all your fixture needs too. I think paint will be your best friend for this project. I would recommend painting the cabinets with a semigloss black paint, or dark brown and add new hardware. I would also recommend framing the mirror with some old pieces of chair rail by using liquid nails to adhere them. I would also matte a couple cute back and white pictures that you already have (something that might be more kid friendly – even your own kids artwork.) If you do not want to scrape that beautiful wallpaper (ha!) you can always just prime and paint over with a neutral tan semigloss paint like “Latte” from SW. A little black pail to hold the bath soaps and a white hook at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 to hold a towel can help complete the look.”

bathroom after

Your turn…For your own written consultation click the “pay now” button below!

2.   Home Consultation - $30.00

If you should live in the Kansas City, Lawrence or Topeka, Kansas area - I could even come to you! I will offer you a  1 hour, in home consultation, where we would go over a room or areas in your house that you would either like advice on how to organize or decorate. If you like my suggestions and ideas and would like to hire me for a project you will get 1/2 off your first hour of my service. You can just contact me by email me and we’ll get started!

**If you are a member of MOPS, I would like to continue to offer my 1/2 off consultation fee.**