{organizing ideas and decorating advice from my home to yours}

I have never handled criticism well.

One of my first memories of getting in trouble (other than from good ‘ol mom and dad) was the store clerk at the register that one day. I hated grocery shopping with my mom…dreaded it…but I did like going through the checkout.

As my mom would check out, I would try to organize all the gum, mint and candy bars as they got disorganized during the day. Usually this task got many “look at her go” or “what a good helper” but on this day the clerk directly announced to my mom, “Please tell your child to stop touching all the candy, ma’am.” Now yes, “please” and “ma’am” were both used but it was embarrassing and devastating.  That experience I attribute to the beginning of my rebellion years. I went on to not making my bed, packed closets and sock drawer had everything but socks!

Thank the Lord for my teaching career. It brought me back, and along with getting married and  building a house, began my love for organizing. I have always had a thrifty bone. I am the customer that goes immediately to the back of the store, I’m the friend that tells all her friends when she finds a great deal, and I’m the mom who looks forward to instilling my knowledge in my kids.

In the couple years we have added to our family by two and moved once. I am trying to acclimate to my new role as a ‘homemaker’ but I just can’t seem to let go of a professional role. So I thought I would take a break from teaching phonemic awareness and addition and instead enjoy teaching about my organization and decorating ideas. I have done this for years with friends but now I’m looking forward to broadening my presence and expanding my horizons from my home to yours.

Thank you for joining me on my journey, 

♥ Katie Stutler

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