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Storage Solution Series

Posted: July 22nd, 2009 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions |

So I’m going to attempt to do a little series. I don’t know if it is the beginning of the school year coming to a start or my lack of motivation for decorating lately, but when I looked over the posts that I wanted to share in the next month they were all organizing ones. So I thought I would do a series for you on some of my new favorite storage solutions

I will post 4 out of my 5 favorites on my site and then my 5th one I will showcase in my August Newsletter. I know, I’m so tricky! But it’s a goodie so I wanted to make it special along with some other fall favorites that I have been aquiring for your viewing pleasure!

 Yes, I’m obsessed about organizing. How do you know, you ask? For me it is verified this weekend when we made a trip to Target and everyone in the family got something special: My husband, churned chocoate chip icecream, my son, a matchbox car, my infant, a pacifier, and me — a storage tub. We’re all completely happy. 

So if this is not you - okay, if this is SO not you, then I would just say rule of thumb is to go slow on organizing and just do little bits at a time. Set a time limit, stick to it and you will feel so much better afterwards. I think it is also important to set a time when you can be completely focused and motivated. There is nothing worse than starting something and not having the time or patience to finish it and then dreading to do it again. Set yourself up for success…

Okay, so for my first storage solution:

The Stomper Stash

And I thought that girls were the ones that loved shoes? But it is my oldest son who loves to pick out his shoes everyday and if you didn’t know, there are shoes that make you go faster than others. And yesterday I did it. I was the mom who drove back home from school to get the faster shoes in order to avoid the major meltdown my son was about to have. I was not proud but it had to be done. The scariest part was hearing my son in the back of the car on the drive home to get the shoes whispering, faster, faster, hustle…oh boy.

Anyways, for this obsession, and his ever mounting stomper stash – it became time to find some solid storage for his shoes. Bonus would be something that he could reach and get to with ease.


I used a cheap little three drawer dresser that I had from college, stuck it in the coat closet, painted it an off white and added cute little scrapbooking sticker letters that I go in the dollar bins at Target. The bottom drawer is labeled, “etc.” that I fill with out of season shoes, gloves, hats, socks, etc. 


It has been the perfect solution for our stomper stash but something similar could be used for a variety of things such as, accessories, toys, scrap booking, etc! The key here is cheap and functional (and cute never hurts anyone!)

♥ Katie


I’m adding this to Kristen’s We are THAT Family Works for Me Wednesday link party where you can find solutions to almost anything! 

{And if you are looking for ideas for storing books - head on back soon for storage solution number two!}


3 Comments on “Storage Solution Series”

  1. 1 Lee @ foodie plus 4 said at 11:18 am on July 22nd, 2009:

    We have shoes galore, and they usually end up in a pile at the front door. Thanks for the idea and for stopping by the blog!

  2. 2 Patsy said at 6:26 pm on July 24th, 2009:

    Love, love, love this, Katie!! We have one of those shoe stackers in the closet and a basket in the garage, but I still find that we need more space. You’ve solved our problem for us, and it’s super cute, too! I love your series! I’m always up for a good theme, especially when decorating/organizing! Great, as always!

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