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My Little Shelf of Love

Posted: February 11th, 2009 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions |

I have heard about this idea from many people and I think it is such a great one that I decided to do it myself. So I’m not a scrapbooker – never have been – don’t think I ever will be… but I love cherishing the memories of my children especially with the funny and loving things they say. I wanted something quick, easy and of course cheap.

 You could also use this: with your husband, ideas you have, a bridal shower or baby shower gift (where people at the party write down wishes/sayings to the receiver), or just special things people have said to you that you would like to remember.

 It goes like this:

When your child, or whomever you choose, says something you want to remember you just write it down and stick it in the jar. (I like to put the date too!) I found some old jars in my pantry to begin my project and used some ribbon to tie little tags on the jars in order to write their names. Then I hit Micheals where I found these fabulous little pieces of paper from Martha Stewarts collection. (70 tags for 1.99 and yes, I even used my 40% off coupon saving = .80 cents!)

Complete side note: (I couldn’t find the cents sign on my keypad– is there even one?)


Now I must say these tags don’t leave a lot of room to write but for me they are perfect because I just wanted to jot down short and simple sayings. You can find many sizes and shapes of labels at Micheals and Hobby Lobby or even just cutting construction paper or notecards the size you want them would work too.


 I am keeping my tags and pen in a little votive next to my jars and next to a framed anniversary card that my husband gave to me a couple years back. That idea was one straight from Oprah and I love having a special note framed (especially since it doesn’t happen much!)

 I’m going to call it my little shelf of love!

Happy Valentines Day!

♥ Katie

frame and votive




6 Comments on “My Little Shelf of Love”

  1. 1 Lori said at 7:12 pm on February 11th, 2009:

    Oh what a great idea, I like that!
    ps thanks for the kind words on my blog the other day! :)

  2. 2 Becky said at 1:26 pm on February 12th, 2009:

    Hi There!

    I wanted to pop over and first say THANKS for the kind words on my blog! I have not been blogging very long either, but enjoy it more with each passing day ;) It’s cheap therapy for moms!!! Feel free to stop by again whenever you find the time!

    Sweet, sweet idea about your little love shelf, your kiddos will love to hear about all their AnTiCs one day, in the not so distant future!
    Blessings :)

  3. 3 Sparkle said at 2:08 pm on February 26th, 2009:

    I love this idea. The kids say the greatest things and I hadn’t thought of a good way to keep these memories. Thanks!

  4. 4 Katie said at 2:35 pm on February 26th, 2009:

    You definitely need to add the one where Norah said, “I’m dreaming about you! Now can I get up?!” So precious! I said to Jack this morning, “Can you get a diaper for Jonah and he replied, “you mean his toilet?” I wrote it down already and stuck it in his container!

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