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A Flowering Pot with a TP Twist

Posted: May 18th, 2011 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions |


I am trying really hard to tint my thumb green. Recently, I have been trading my decorating and organizing skills with my good friend Lori (and her landscaping mom) for their gardening knowledge. She is on call 24 hours a day for me, which is funny because she is a nurse so she gets lots of questions!

To water or not to water? Fertilizing for beginners, and the many plants she has helped me pronounce correctly…

Thank you Lori!

So one of my favorite plantings has been the big flower pot I filled for our driveway. During a drive around the neighborhood last year, I saw this pot and really liked the fullness.


So I tried to copy it using some coleus, a sweet potato vine and a pretty, little daisy. (The urn was a taupe color but with a quick spray of paint and poly - it had a new look. And not to mention, I saved $30 doing the color change myself!)


And thinking ahead, since the urn was a great price, I should buy another one incase I ever want two matching flower pots.

But then I remembered reading this article years ago, of useful and inventive ways to repurpose urns. I came up with this idea…


Yep, we’re never going to run low on toilet paper!


Other ideas — a holder for magazines/books, towels or umbrellas…


An ice and beverage bucket for a party, or adding a top to make it a bedside table….


Might be a thought to look for pots/urns at the end of summer (on sale) and try to use one in your house in the off flower season!

♥ Katie

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