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Tree Topper Transformed

Posted: September 14th, 2009 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions |

What to do with an old Christmas tree topper? 


A decorative center to a wreath!


So the base of my little star tree topper had come untwisted but I loved the look of the star. Ironically,  I had a wreath given to be by my mother-in-law that I felt needed just a little something in the center. I was thinking of a letter like Nesters but then I would have to find a way to mount it and that was just too much for me. 


Now, how lucky I got with this topper that I just wrapped the wire around the center and actually used the extra to use as the hook to attach to the nail on the front door.


Could it really be that easy?! But I still thought it needed a little something so I added a dark rust spray, cut it up and stuck it in. No hot glue, no nothing. I love how if I don’t like it, or what to change it out, all I have to do is remove it. 




Do you have a new use for an old tree topper?

♥ Katie

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