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Pillow Talk

Posted: April 1st, 2010 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | 3 Comments »

Let’s talk about those throw pillows. It is the constant argument disagreement around our house. We buy the new sectional with the specific desire to lay out on the chaise part. But then I put pillows in that area - because obviously the leather couch needed softened…and then what happens…


No one sits in that spot.

Same with my Ballard pillow. It hogs the chair but I refuse to take it off cause it’s so cute.


But my real issue is with our bed. I have spent good money on a comforter and matching pillow covers — only for the decor pillows to sit hidden in the armoire.


So with the new spring quilt I just bought, I decided things had to change. But I had to be tricky because the husband would throw those pillows across the room if he had the chance.

Here is the bed made:


Here is the bed ready for bed:


Look closer — You see what I did?


I put the pillows with covers behind the regular pillows we use.

I guess it is important to understand what pillow number you are. I am a three pillow gal and David is a 2 pillower. I like 3 small squeshhy ones and David likes one small and one large one. So before I hit the hay, I just throw our covered pillows behind the others and you wouldn’t even know they were there. In the morning I just pop them back on top! Super easy!

And of course Lucy likes it - always faithful!


♥ Katie