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Cabinet Crisis

Posted: March 23rd, 2010 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | 4 Comments »

When I’m not painting closets, I’m lining my cabinets. Lately, I guess I’m doing my makeovers in the places people don’t even look.

But, the thing is, I look.

And these little things just bother me:


Do you see it? I tried to use those cabinet liner things but they just scrunched up and stuck to the bottom of glasses. So then I just got rid of them all together…but then they just looked unfinished.


I really didn’t want to lift another paint brush so my solution was buying the vinyl 12″ square sticky tiles…


…cutting them to fit and voila!


Cabinet shelves that are lined! I can not tell you how happy this makes me. What a nerd I am.

Warning: Even though I used just my scissors to cut these - don’t let the simplicity fool you. This was time consuming. I have spent many nap times working on these suckers and just when you thought one cabinet was the same measurement of the other - wrong!!

Then I got addicted and just kept going…

I couldn’t be stopped. Drawers, under the sink, pull out shelves…




And as Armstrong states, in the end, “my idea became reality!”


♥ Katie

Quiz Time!

Posted: March 17th, 2010 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | 1 Comment »


So I know there are a lot of these decorating quizzes out there but I really liked this one for many reasons:

1. It was from Real Simple - my favorite!

2. It includes a variety of decor and other non-decor items to determine what your style is.

3. When you have completed the quiz it gives you your decor style, recommendations where to shop and other blogs for inspiration. Pretty handy!

And to get you in the mood, let’s talk couches. Which would you buy?


decor-cozy-sofa_3004. It takes about 30 seconds to complete if you follow my tip

My tip:

In taking these quizzes I usually get a little too into it and spend lots of time analyzing the products or pictures. So here’s my tip - give your gut reaction! What are you attracted to the most right away? Ready?…Click here.

Have fun!  And I’d love to know what you were!

♥ Katie

I guess I could tell you me - right? Here’s a hint…think cozy.


Now back to my homework.


Where I’m making my “ideas a reality”! Can’t wait to show you my little cut and stick project!

On the Hunt for Bath Towels

Posted: March 11th, 2010 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | 2 Comments »

I think Bath Towels are like hairdressers, parking spaces, men (others?)….
You can find a lot of them but the GOOD ones are rare.

So this daily find article from Real Simple sparked my wheels turning. I usually just go feel towels at my local store and make the decision based on price versus comfort.

{That’s not really true - I get sucked into the look too. Last time I just couldn’t walk away from a gorgeous design - so sad because they’re so stinking uncomfortable! Lesson learned.}

So the reason (of many) that I love Real Simple is that this email article gave me 9 bath towel ideas for every budget. I’m looking for plain white, well I was until I saw some of these towels:

Look how fun colored these ones are from Kara Weaves - so cute! Hand towels too! I love the thought for spring and for the using them with kids - but comfort? I might have to find out for myself:


Oh and then these from West Elm:


But I really hate not being able to feel them - you know it’s like the paint recommendation thing I have - I have to see it in person!

Now I really don’t believe you can go wrong with the good ‘ol Americana Ralph Lauren:

df-palm-harbor-lauren_300And I love the texture the white one has…

So before I impulsively go out and buy –do you have a favorite brand of towel that you love? I would love any ideas!

♥ Katie

Done with Dried Up

Posted: March 7th, 2010 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | 2 Comments »

So in this spring cleaning/decluttering mode I’m in — I have made a bold decision.

❖ I am all done with dried up things. ❖

This is especially about my potpourri…


Here it is in a nice little apothecary jar just collecting dust. I have never really understood why I have used it. I don’t like the look or the smell and nothing about it says “alive” and “happy!”

So out it goes - and in its’ place…fake eggs.


Yep, I don’t really grow much, do I?

♥ Katie

The Home Bible

Posted: March 2nd, 2010 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | 4 Comments »

In our household this is referred to as the “Home Bible” — okay really, I’m the only one that uses it so I can call it whatever I want to and that’s the most creative name I could come up with…


This was the thing - I was tired of hunting down names of companies or people that we have used on a regular basis in our house.

I wanted ONE location where I could go to to find

phone numbers, keep receipts or other important information.

I had an old pocket binder from school and in the front cover I printed a list of important numbers - a quick go to guide you might call it. (Also, great to leave out for the babysitter!)


Then each slot I designated for one member of the family (even our dog) that way any important documents can go in the proper slot. I also labeled one pocket for house needs, and listed the numbers on each of those too. I kept the back of the portfolio open for extra receipts.


I find it has been much easier going through one folder than a bunch of them and clearing out what I need when I have the chance. Just thought I’d pass the idea on!

♥ Katie