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Drape Extensions

Posted: November 23rd, 2009 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | 5 Comments »

My drapes got extensions this weekend.

Remember my whole drape dilemma? Well the color and pattern were solved, here, but I it left an awkward emptiness at the bottom. So I used clip to bring them down and this drove me crazy…


I reviewed all the possibilities:
☛I could have added fabric - didn’t want to try to match them.
☛I could have bought longer ones - yeah right?
☛I could have brought down the curtain rod - but then the curtain on the entry to the master bath would look funny.

Sooo….cleverly, and with some sadness that I had to go buy another panel from Walmart, but I simply cut off the end of the drape and Nester Style, hot glued the two curtains together to make them look like they flowed into eachother.

This way so easy and fast that I didn’t even take pictures.
Sorry about that!
So here are the beauties with their long, flowing locks:


Can you even tell? Here is a close up:


And then I figured I’d better use the rest of the fabric soon before it finds a place and hides there…so I surprisingly did another mistreatment and 6 safety pins later…




Now if only that laundry basket would stay empty!

♥ Katie

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Lovah My Bona

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41hszaadpl_sl500_aa280_So I was recently introduced to the Bona Floor Cleaning System by a mentor from my MOPS group…and THE DAY I got it…I cleaned joyusly. Yes, I felt like a Cinderella without the wicked step mom and sisters forcing me to work. Definitely has been added to my favorite things list!

Let me tell you how it works in my ‘sound‘ language.

You velcro the duster on…”hwhippp“- I had to say that outloud.

You dust around….smooth, smooth - not really a sound but that is how it feels…

You velco the microfiber cloth on…”hewhipppp

You spray the cleaning solution on the flooring and I like the shooter setting rather than the sprayer setting…”zip, zip, zip”

You sweep up and around the liquid….”whooosss

Easy.as.pie. and I’m telling you it is so fun to manuver - you feel lighter. I know that sounds weird but you just do. And it smells great and you are done. done.

I dreaded getting out my other duster product. (I’m not going to bash anything) and then just throwing away the cloths. With the Bona the cloths go straight into the washer. Love that too.

I’m hooked! I found mine at our local Ace Hardware but here is a link to one on Amazon if you are interested! Happy Cleaning!

♥ Katie

I know this is just one of my many “Favorite Things” but I thought it would be fun to post it at Melissa’s Favorite Things Party! She is also one of the 10 bloggers that inspired my “Favorite Gifts Newsletter” composed of favorite things that they have shared throughout the year. If you would like to see it just click on the “Newsletter” button on the top right side of my site and I’ll send it your way! Thanks again Melissa for having such a fun party!


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yhst-93128105900816_2070_52474543Inspiration from Nester and Day Spring

Sold out before I was able to buy…what’s a girl to do?

1. Buy a metal frame from Hobby Lobby that is 50% off ($8.00).


2. Buy similar scrapbook paper and modge pod it on.


3. Print out wording and seperate bording.


4. Mod podge it on…


5. Hang it up for all to see!



♥ Katie

Chris is having a fabulous party today and I think this would be a great gift for giving year round!

And it’s another Get Your Craft on @ Today’s Creative Blog!


You can still enter for Amanda’s Imperfectly Beautiful Canvas Sign giveaway until this evening! (Click Here)

And for all you candle lovers who entered in Janelle’s Gold Canyon Candle Giveaway…it was a beautiful 58 degrees outside at 9:06 pm when I picked the winner, so…. Stephanie is the lucky winner! I’ll shoot you an email Stephanie!

Imperfectly Beautiful Giveaway!

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Woohoo! This week has been so much fun! On Monday I sent out my newsletter titled, “My Favorite Gifts of 2009″ inspired by some of my favorite bloggers. It has been my favorite newsletter so far and I am so excited to share it with you! If you haven’t signed up to receive the free email newsletter - you still can just by clicking on the newsletter button on the top right side of my page.

And yes, you read that right - Amanda, from Imperfectly Beautiful was not only one of my favorite bloggers but to help celebrate ” My Favorite Gifts” Newsletter, she so graciously agreed to gift one lucky reader a canvas sign from her etsy shop!

Couldn’t you imagine hanging this one next to your front door?:


Or giving this to that friend that just moved into her own place:


What about for your little princess? How cute is that?!


Or a custom gift for a new baby!


And just in time for Christmas decorating!:


I know, go ahead, scroll back to the top and browse through the pictures again…I’ll wait.

Aren’t they all just beautiful?!

Okay, now that you focused,

Here is what you do to enter:

Take a look through Amanda’s shop. She creates holiday decor, notecards, wall letters, journals and so much more! While you are there looking for that perfect gift, tell me what’s your most favorite thing from Imperfectly Beautiful! Don’t have a blog? That’s okay, just leave me your name and email address along with your favorite thing by Tuesday November 9th @ 6pm Standard Time. Newsletters subscribers still will be automatically entered TWICE for leaving a comment!


Giveaway Update!

So after being all out of creative ideas to find a winner I went with the most RISKY one, which was to ask my 4 1/2 year old to pick a number. Now, I did have a back up plan in case he picked 500 million 3 billion, 45  – but to my shock and surprise he said “9″ and there you go — Lindsey O. is the lucky winner of a canvas sign!! I am so excited for her! She has been such a kind blogging friend and so supportive in all my advice requests. She is even expecting a baby soon! Maybe she’ll pick something for the nursery?!!

And if you unfortunately didn’t win, you still can take advantage of Amanda’s Holiday Sale where you can get up to 15% off until December 1st!

♥ Katie

Gold Canyon Candle Giveaway!

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First things first…The Pleated Poppy Giveaway Results!!


Congratulations Calamity Anne on being the winner of 3 Posy Pins from The Pleated Poppy!

I doubled up any comments left by my Newsletter subscribers, and then this is how pathetic creative I was in picking a winner:

Hubby was off at the first KU game of the season, so turned on the game, and with 7:43 left in the first half KU was leading 30-21. Calamity Anne was number 30 with all the doubling going on!

Yep, that’s how it is done folks! Maybe I’ll have a more creative way of picking for this next one. Are you ready for some candles?!!

So my latest Newsletter, titled “My Favorite Gifts of 2009” was inspired by some of my favorite blogger and  I knew I wanted to do a little gift giving along with it but was NOT planning on this giveaway at all!


Janelle from Gold Canyon Candles contacted me out of the blue after she had read my Smells of Autumn post and wanted to send me a candle….just because. Well, I never. Now, this being the first time this has ever happened  to me - I just couldn’t hold back and asked her if she would like to be apart of the Favorite Gifts giveaway?  She not only agreed but she is gifting one lucky reader any candle up to a $20.00 value from her store!

Here is what you do: Shop around her store and then tell me what scent you would like to try burning in your home. Don’t have a blog? That’s okay, just leave me your name and email address along with your favorite Gold Canyon scent!

Remember, if you are a subscriber to my newsletter, once you comment, you will automatically be entered to win…TWICE! And it is not too late - just click on the newsletter button on the top right side of my page.

You have until Friday, November 6th @ 9 pm Standard Time. And check back on Friday for my final giveaway of this week — I promise you - you won’t want to miss it!

♥ Katie

Check out other Holiday preparations over at

{WFMW @ We are that Family}

The Pleated Poppy Giveaway!

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This giveaway was the true inspiration for My Newsletter that I just sent out titled,

“My Favorite Gifts 2009.”

Lindsey @ The Pleated Poppy was first introduced to me by The Nester in this post and I was instantly, and I mean, INSTANTLY in love with her posy pins. So in love that I HAD to have them. You know that feeling?


The best part was when I received them and sorted them out to give as gifts, each pin had it’s own little personality just like each friend or  family member that it was intended to go to. I just love how they can make a purse, coat, shirt or anything pop with a fun statement. And the possibilities are endless of who would love to receive one —  babysitter, teacher, neighbor, hairdresser… I think it is one of the best little gifts to give to someone just as a little, thinking of you, gift.

But my friends, it is your lucky day.  Lindsey is giving one lucky reader a set of 3 posy pins from her on line store!

I’ll give you a second to do a little happy dance…

That was a cute move. Okay, ready to continue?

Leave me a comment!!

And if you are one of My Newsletter receivers, and you leave a comment, you will be entered Twice! (It’s just a click away - Plus you will get to see all the other bloggers favorites!)  You have until Wednesday November 4th @ 5 pm Central Time to enter!

And then head on back here for the next GIVEAWAY coming up on Wednesday!

♥ Katie

And finally, don’t forget that EVERY Friday at Today’s Creative Blog is a Giveaway Day. Yes, I’m serious!