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The Case of the Missing Sock(s)

Posted: July 25th, 2012 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | No Comments »

Have we all not been in this mystery…where in the heck is the other sock?
Once, thought I was clever and had a little basket over my washer and dryer to collect socks.

Honestly, I got too lazy to look in it for matching pairs…but…


…now, I have 2 containers that I decorated using my chalk pens with pictures of white and colored socks.

Could this help solve my mysteries? I think so! And they’re too stinkin’ cute -  pun intended!

♥ Katie

A Quotable Journal

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The other day, I wrote down a “darndest thing” kid comment and put it in my jars


But then I came across this journal:

The Quotable Kid Journal


Such a great idea that I just thought I’d share!

♥ Katie

Aha! Use for a Diaper Caddy

Posted: November 16th, 2011 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | No Comments »

It was a glorious day when I took out all the diapers and wipes from the diaper caddy that has owned a place in our living room for the last 3 years.
But what to do with an old diaper caddy?
It has a great handle, nice dark color, good condition.

An easy basket to put my 6 year old son’s clothes in from the dryer.

He then can easily transport them to his room to put away.

High Five for that!

♥ Katie

Who’s Got Mail?

Posted: November 1st, 2011 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | No Comments »

I LOVE doing organizational “chats” (less formal than presentations:) and I was so honored to be able to share some ideas with my good friend Kelly’s Mary Kay Team last week. We covered a lot in a short time, but I loved seeing the light bulbs go off in the ladies heads.(…or their eyes light up, or the occasional “Love it!” shout out) It was too fun!

And here is one idea from the topic of how to organize your mail that Maureen already implemented:

His and Her Mail!

How cute is that?! And the little beautifications do not go unnoticed. Do you see the blue and pink ribbon on the back of the baskets? So clever. The picture just made me smile and hopefully Maureen does too every day when she separates her mail.

Thanks for sharing Maureen!

♥ Katie

Fall Favors

Posted: November 1st, 2011 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | No Comments »


You know I always love good teacher gifting ideas - so here is one that my sister-in-law and I pulled together last minute this year….


Kinda like bobbing for apples, but these are wrapped, and coated with nuts and chocolate! We picked them up in a set of 4 at the grocery store and then individually wrapped and tagged them. Easy to do and such a well deserved treat for the teachers that work so hard!

Happy Fall to All,

♥ Katie

(Hi Mindy:)

A Flowering Pot with a TP Twist

Posted: May 18th, 2011 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | No Comments »


I am trying really hard to tint my thumb green. Recently, I have been trading my decorating and organizing skills with my good friend Lori (and her landscaping mom) for their gardening knowledge. She is on call 24 hours a day for me, which is funny because she is a nurse so she gets lots of questions!

To water or not to water? Fertilizing for beginners, and the many plants she has helped me pronounce correctly…

Thank you Lori!

So one of my favorite plantings has been the big flower pot I filled for our driveway. During a drive around the neighborhood last year, I saw this pot and really liked the fullness.


So I tried to copy it using some coleus, a sweet potato vine and a pretty, little daisy. (The urn was a taupe color but with a quick spray of paint and poly - it had a new look. And not to mention, I saved $30 doing the color change myself!)


And thinking ahead, since the urn was a great price, I should buy another one incase I ever want two matching flower pots.

But then I remembered reading this article years ago, of useful and inventive ways to repurpose urns. I came up with this idea…


Yep, we’re never going to run low on toilet paper!


Other ideas — a holder for magazines/books, towels or umbrellas…


An ice and beverage bucket for a party, or adding a top to make it a bedside table….


Might be a thought to look for pots/urns at the end of summer (on sale) and try to use one in your house in the off flower season!

♥ Katie

Oo-La-La to Rue-La-La!

Posted: May 2nd, 2011 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | No Comments »
Fun, flirty, sexy, hot, chic…


It is a great place online for amazing deals on clothes, accessories, decor, beauty - you name it. Everything a girl loves.

I received this great Hobo clutch from my (soon to be) sister-in-law, Jenny, at Christmas and she scored it from this wonderful online boutique. I’ve been hooked since. I love seeing all the great luxurious items at private sale prices. Members discover new offerings daily — each available only for a short time. So the day is never dull with all the shopping!

So I say, Oo-La-La..

Adia Kibur Faux Pearl & Bead Chain Necklace
$80.00 Sale 39.90

L’erba Platinum Zen Sheet Set

$90.00 - $100.00$59.90 - $69.90

Hobo International “Ashlyn Vintage” Leather Tote

$328.00 $159.90

…to Rue-La-La!

So if you love to shop, or just love to look, like me…

become a free member and start drooling (no, don’t do that - it’s not sexy.)


Basket Bliss

Posted: April 13th, 2011 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | No Comments »

Oh how I love baskets like this one from West Elm

west-elm_300And look at the pair…LOVE!


Check out these other beautiful baskets from Real Simple Daily Ideas, that might help keep something you love organized!


My Weekly Grocery List

Posted: February 16th, 2011 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | 4 Comments »

I have a new found passion — grocery shopping.

I NEVER thought I would say this - but I actually look forward to it.

Now, let me paint the picture.

I am alone, without children, I might treat myself to a Starbucks, and I have an hour.

That is a vacation to me!

I have many memories growing up of traveling with my mom to the grocery store with her list and coupons. She knew the store inside and out, she brought her own paper bags, and she called the clerks by name. She still does. But I never imagined 2o years later, how proud I would feel doing the same.

David and I recently watched a tv show on Extreme Couponing. Yes, it was extreme, but it got my wheels turning and I thought if I could even save a little on groceries, it was better than what I was currently doing, which was nothing.

I know meal planning is important, but for me - planning what I am going to buy and spend before I go, keeps my eyes from wandering. I have been experimenting now for a month or so and I have been saving up to 40 dollars a week using coupons and weekly deals. But it’s my pace that continues to slow me down. I will be finished with shopping and have to go back because I missed something on my list. So it got me thinking…my cute little Grocery Pad wasn’t going to cut it anymore….


Here was my new plan:

1. I needed to combine my Weekly Schedule:


2. With the route I took in the grocery store:

Produce, Deli, Bakery, so on…

And the two became one….


I simply used Excel to make a table that gave me columns for each section I shopped in along with a column to tell me the price or how many to buy….


☛ I write a © if I have a coupon or a number, for example, 10 if it is part of a deal that I have to by 10 of them.

☛ I added other and meals at the bottom for anything I forgot or to help with my meal planning.

I know everyone has a different route they take through the store to shop, but this has worked for me and I’d be happy to tweak it for you!

Crazy or Creative?

I think a bit of both, but I’m saving money and that makes me happy.

Happy Shopping!

Hide & Seek

Posted: January 2nd, 2011 | Author: Katie | Filed under: Simple Solutions | 3 Comments »

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a very long time, but one major problem. I really had no clever hiding spots in my own home.

I kept thinking that one of my great ideas would come to fruition. I had a short list.

1. An ironing board and cabinet from skymall:

Ironing Board & Cabinet

2. A cookbook holder hidden under a cabinet:

Under Cabinet Cookbook Holder

3. Or even a DIY trashcan in a drawer:

But then technology (aka my husband David) took over.

Can you spot the new addition to our cabinets?


He finally convinced me (really I gave in) that we needed a mount for one of our ipads. Yes, I say one because did you know that “17% of ipad owners say one just isn’t enough.” This is the kind of information that I get from my technology guy. This one is our “family” ipad, since our 5 year old was taking over my husbands. Well, I also admit, I just really liked the idea of knowing where the thing was, and keeping it from falling on the floor. But now I am supposed to be pulling up recipes from it and actually using it to make meals? Yeah, don’t know about that, but honestly the deal was done when the kids went crazy for the movie that streamed in from Netflix during dinner.


I guess it also fits right in with my organization passion, so it made the cut!

If you want to check out the techy’s blog/post you can click here.

Happy New Year!

♥ Katie